Ho I repaired My Damaged Hair: Tips for Healthy and Strong Hair

If you’re struggling with hair that doesn’t grow, falls out, and looks damaged, you’re not alone. As a teenager, I faced this problem too, and I spent five years trying to repair my damaged hair. I experimented with many methods and finally found a solution. In this article, I’ll share my hair repair journey and tips to help you achieve healthy and strong hair.

1. Don’t Brush Your Hair Too Much:

This myth likely started decades ago before high-quality hair care products existed. By brushing your hair too often, you damage its structure. Use a brush only when you really need it.

2. Use Warm Water:

Hot water makes hair brittle, while cold water doesn’t have any great superpowers. Trichologists say the only way to truly add shine is to smoothen your outer hair cuticle. Use a post-shampoo conditioner instead.

3. Apply Shampoo Only to Scalp and Roots:

The longer your hair is, the more it gets tangled. There’s only dust on your hair (except for the roots) that can be easily washed away with water mixed with the shampoo that flows down while you wash your roots.

4. Apply Conditioner or Mask to Moistened Hair:

When you rinse your hair, gently wring it and wipe it with a towel. Keep in mind that wet hair is vulnerable. If you wring your hair out too hard, you’ll damage it, but if you don’t wipe it thoroughly, your product won’t be absorbed.

5. Don’t Avoid Spray Conditioner:

It’s recommended, especially if you have thin hair, to avoid tangles.

6. Use a Quality Brush:

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy several different brushes, 1 wide brush with natural bristles will be enough for daily use.

7. Cut the Ends of Your Hair:

When our hairs’ ends are of the same length and structure, our hairstyle looks healthier. That’s why the myth that we have to cut our ends from time to time exists. Just remember that ends need more moistening than the scalp.

8. Be Careful With Oils:

If you have any diseases (even dandruff), oils can worsen the situation. Instead of pure oils, experts recommend using gentler products containing oils.

9. Check the Ingredients of Your Products:

The main reason why I stopped using most store-bought care products is that some of the ingredients aren’t safe. Always read the ingredients of a product before buying it.

10. Seek Professional Help:

Before dealing with hair growth, make sure your hair is healthy. Keep taking care of it all the time. Turn to a trichologist to solve hair growth problems or cure any scalp disease.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to compare them to your current hair care practices and see the results in 3-4 months, regardless of your hair type. Remember to keep increasing your knowledge and use it to be safe and sound.

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