5 healthy snacks, according to the dietitian

Kirsten Jackson likes snacking on apple with peanut butter.
Kirsten Jackson likes to snack on apples with peanut butter.

  • Kirsten Jackson, dietitian, follows the Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest ways to eat.
  • She shared her favorite snacks, which provide fiber and protein to keep her full.
  • Jackson recommends chocolate oatmeal cakes with peanut butter instead of cookies.

The Mediterranean diet is widely considered one of the healthiest ways to eat. Vegetables, legumes, seafood and olive oil are key components. Wine is fine in moderation, but processed and fried foods, red meat, refined grains, added sugars and saturated fats are discouraged.

The diet is hugely popular, even with celebrities like John Goodman, Selena Gomez and Penélope Cruz.

Kirsten Jackson, a registered dietitian, previously told Insider that she follows the Mediterranean diet, sharing her favorite meal plan breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

When snacking, Jackson aims to eat whole foods that provide protein and fiber, often incorporating fruits or vegetables.

Here, she tells Insider about her favorite snacks.

Roasted chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are a good alternative to potato chips, Jackson said.

They’re a great source of protein and fiber, she said, and they’re easy to make: Simply drain canned chickpeas, pour into a roasting pan, drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt, pepper, and spices. Then cook until crispy.

Homemade trail mix

Jackson creates his own trail mix by combining dark chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

Dark chocolate has multiple benefits, including improving heart health.

Apple slices with peanut butter

Peanut Butter Apple Slices are a filling snack thanks to a combination of fiber, fat and protein.

Having nuts or nut butters alongside fruit is much more filling than fruit alone, a dietitian previously told Insider.

Veggie sticks with hummus

If you don’t have time to cut up carrots, peppers, cucumbers or celery, Jackson recommends purchasing pre-cut greens.

Combining veggies with hummus makes for a more filling snack than veggies alone.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Jackson also snacks on peanut butter oatcakes. Aim to always eat complex carbohydrates — such as oats, sweet potatoes, whole-wheat bread and whole-wheat pasta — because they contain more vitamins, minerals and fiber than refined carbohydrates including white bread, potatoes and pasta.

If you’re craving cookies, Jackson recommends reaching out for the Chocolate Oatcakes to satisfy your sweet tooth, too.

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