’90 Day Fiancé’: Syngin Colchester’s drastic new hairstyle

Singin Colchester from 90 day fiance showed off her new drastic hairstyle. She has ditched the long locks. But does he like her?

90 Day Fiancé: Syngin Colchester’s life after Tania Maduro split

Syngin Colchester joined the world of reality television on the seventh season of TLC’s popular show. He married Tania Maduro. However, the two weren’t on the same page when they started a family. Hence, they divorced in 2021 and separated.

THE 90 day fiance the reality star later appeared The single life. As soon as he was single, he went looking for love. After the show, he met California native Shayna. The two have been dating for almost a year. Now that he’s made a change in his relationship status, he’s ready to make another significant change.

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However, Tania Maduro also went in search of love. She has even appeared on The single life in the following season. He went on dates with men and women. However, it seems she still hasn’t found the right one.

Syngin ready to cut locks

Syngin recently decided it was time to cut off her long locks. The TLC star was excited and nervous at the same time. She had been growing her hair out for the past four years. She felt that “a lot of trauma” would leave him once her hair was cut.

THE 90 day fiance cast member will be heading to Asia soon. So, she felt the timing was right. She didn’t want to have long hair riding around on tuk-tuks and motorbikes. Tania’s ex-husband thought it would be a fresh start and a “new me.” He also hoped the new hairstyle would make him look younger.

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Syngin did a few somersaults before saying goodbye to her long hair. He even played with his locks a bit. He knew it would be the last time he could run his fingers through his hair.

The TLC celebrity is also getting a haircut for a good cause. She will donate her hair. He said “good luck” to the person who gets his hair red.

The 90 Day Fiancé celebrity regrets waiting so long to get her hair cut

Syngin Colchester was sitting in the hairstylist’s chair, ready to start his hair transformation. He used an old photo of himself to reference the style he wanted.

THE 90 day fiance cast member found it shocking to see himself with short hair. Syngin felt he could “walk in freedom”. But she also thought the new look was great. She even felt that she should have cut her hair a long time ago. However, she was glad she did.

Many fans love Syngin’s new hairstyle. A person thinks he “looks so good” and must “feel great too”. Another person feels that short hair looks better on him than long. One person even thinks they look “10 years younger.” But will he keep the look short or will he grow his locks out again?

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