A Professional Hairdresser Shares 10 Essential Hair Care Tips

1. Combatting Hair Loss

How to Address a Common Issue

Hair loss is becoming increasingly prevalent even among young individuals. To address this problem, consider the following tips:

  • Identify and address vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated
  • Manage stress levels
  • Use scalp scrubs weekly
  • Consider plasma therapy and scalp massages

2. The Truth About Sulfate-Containing Shampoos

Finding the Right Balance for Your Hair

While sulfate-free shampoos are beneficial for damaged hair, it’s essential to use a sulfate shampoo every third wash to ensure thorough scalp cleansing. Additionally, use a deep cleansing shampoo monthly to remove product buildup.

3. Can You Outgrow Your Genes for Hair Length?

The Limits of Hair Growth

The maximum speed of hair growth is determined by genetics. While some stimulators can temporarily increase growth, hair can only grow to its genetic maximum length.

4. Haircut Frequency: How Often Should You Trim?

Maintaining Your Hairstyle

Specific haircuts require maintenance every 1.5 months, while long, straight hair needs trimming every three months. Ensure a professional hairdresser performs the cut for the best results.

5. Collagen Wrapping: A Spa for Your Hair

The Benefits of Collagen Infusion

Collagen wrapping smoothens, strengthens, and rejuvenates hair. It’s especially effective for dry or dehydrated hair, and for optimal results, undergo two wraps with a one-week gap, followed by monthly treatments.

6. The Importance of “Cleaning” Blonde Hair

Avoiding Discoloration

Blonde hair may lose its color, turn yellow, or develop a purple or blue hue due to various factors. To prevent discoloration, use deep cleansing shampoos occasionally and consider installing a water filter to soften hard water.

7. Summer Hair Care Tips

Protecting Your Hair from the Sun

To minimize UV damage, wear hats, use hair sprays, and apply hair products containing SPF. Avoid using oils, as they attract UV light.

8. Choosing the Right Hairbrush

Selecting a Brush for Your Hair Type

Opt for plastic-bristled brushes for daily use and avoid brushing wet hair. Massage brushes are suitable for stimulating blood circulation but use them only after detangling your hair.

9. Dealing with Hair Static

Tackling a Seasonal Issue

To manage static electricity in hair, try the following tips:

  • Undergo hair smoothing treatments
  • Apply hair products suitable for your hair type
  • Wear hats in cold weather
  • Use brushes with natural or silicone bristles

10. Beauty Salon Offers: What Works and What Doesn’t

Understanding the Value of Salon Promotions

Some salon offers can be beneficial, while others may not provide the desired results. Offers such as bringing a friend for a discount or paying as much as desired can be disappointing, whereas discounts on combined services or writing online reviews can be more effective.

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