I’m 51 and everyone always asks how my forehead is so wrinkle-free

A 51-YEAR-OLD woman who’s constantly asked how she keeps her face so wrinkle-free has revealed her £15 secret.

Shannon O’Brien said people always question how her face is so smooth if she’s never had any of the wrinkle-freezing injections.

Shannon O’Brien is constantly asked how she keeps her face so wrinkle-free without BotoxCredit: tiktok/@shan_abundancenaturally
But she explained she uses these silicone patches on her forehead once a week to keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bayCredit: tiktok/@shan_abundancenaturally
Each patch costs £15 and can be used up to 10 timesCredit: tiktok/@shan_abundancenaturally

But sharing a video on TikTok, she said that she swears by using reusable silicone patches on her forehead at nighttime once a week.

In the clip, Shannon showed how she applies the Wrinkles Schminkles patches – pulling her eyebrows taut with her hands while sticking it onto her forehead.

“Why I’ve never had Botox for my 51-year-old forehead,” she wrote over the top.

In the caption, Shannon added: “I noticed results right away in my frown lines but the real testimonial is how the patch has transformed my forehead from when i started using it in 2021.

“Plus they’re reusable, recyclable and non-invasive and so simple – you just wear overnight!”

The patches cost £30 for two.

But, as Shannon said, they’re reusable up to 10 times – compared to other cheaper products that are single use only.

In the comments section, people were quick to praise Shannon’s youthful appearance, with one writing: “I easily thought you weren’t a day over 30 how do you keep your face so young???”

“Girl I thought you were 20,” another added.

“How long does it stay smooth now?” someone else asked.

With Shannon replying: “I use my forehead patch once per week to maintain my smooth forehead.”

She added in response to another question: “I apply on clean, dry skin.

“Then I apply my skincare around the patch on my exposed skin”.

However, others were unconvinced, insisting that the patch’s effects are much more temporary than something like Botox.

“People don’t understand, this may work on the skin but nothing but botox will stop the muscle movement,” one wrote.

“The patch didn’t do the same thing as Botox injections because when you do raise ur eyebrows, you do have lines there,” another added.

“Only works better than Botox if it lasts 4 to 6 months without reapplying, so no,” a third commented.

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